Bhinmal ( Rajasthan )


In old days Bhinmal was known as "Shrimal" and it is one of the richest city in the India at that time. So many Jain peoples are belongs to bhinmal. Mr. Sumermalji H. Lunkad (Director of SUMER BUILDERS) has decided to make a great value temple in the city, and appointed Mr. B. M. SOMPURA to design the temple of 72 Jinalaya.

The temple faces North and has an area of 4700 Sq. feet. The temple is based on 8 feet height platform. The main temple has been established in the centre portion of the temple, and surrounded by other 71 temples. The main temple is 72 feet long and 54 feet wide and 60 feet in the height. The surrounding temple has also three open prayer hall (Mandap) and pradakshina path. The temple is under construction and when ever it will be completed it will be a master piece for architecture.



Closer View of the whole Temple

Closer View of the main Temple

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